Blurb combines convenient design features and simplified usability in its photo book service. While Blurb has some of the oddest and most atypical sizing options of any service we reviewed, this photo book publisher is a good option if versatile functionality is important to you.

Blurb provides most of the features we sought in photo book services. An online book editor allows you to design a custom photo book using a pre-designed template and store your photos and current projects online. The service also allows you to make your own custom layouts with its downloadable book editor, making Blurb ideal for a wide range of people.

A standout feature of this photo book service is that it allows you to upload photos for your project from an array of sources. Aside from your desktop, you can upload photos directly to Blurb from Facebook, Instagram and Flickr.

While it offers excellent features, Blurb fails to impress when it comes to book options. There are multiple sizing options available, but they are odd sizes. In fact, some of the sizes are unique to Blurb and are not offered by any other publisher on our lineup. For instance, Blurb's standard portrait book is 10 x 8 inches instead of the normal 11 x 8.5, and the service offers a 7 x 7 square photo book instead of the standard 8 x 8 inches.

Its sizing options may be atypical, but fortunately, Blurb's cover options are not. Similar to most online photo book publishers, Blurb provides hardbound, softbound and leather cover options. You can even customize a hardbound photo book with your own cover photo.

If you run into any issues while using Blurb, the service provides an online FAQs section where you'll find helpful, in-depth information regarding its services. Blurb also provides direct assistance through email and online chat.

Blurb Summary:

Blurb stands out above many photo books publishers, providing a useful set of tools and features to craft professional-grade, memorable photo books that are ideal for both personal and commercial purposes. The service allows you to conveniently upload photos from a variety of sources, including social media sites. Although it lacks some sizing and binding options, Blurb will do an admirable job of helping you with most types of photo book projects.



You can upload photos for your project from Facebook, Flickr and other sources.

Blurb has some very odd sizing options.

The Verdict
: 7.98/10

Despite its odd sizing options, Blurb can help you generate eye-catching photo books.