In our online photo book services review, PrestoPhoto made the cut because of its wide selection of templates, backgrounds and covers. PrestoPhoto has 132 predesigned books for you to choose from, with premade layouts for every page. The templates have unique designs, borders and frames to make your photo book look more creative.

The processing time for a photo book from PrestoPhoto is longer than that of most other photo book services. On average, you wait five to 10 business days just for the processing. Once you add the shipping time, it takes you well over two weeks to receive your photo book.

The quality of the photo books is fair. The custom hardbound cover has a strong binding and looks professional. The photo book includes flyleaf to protect the cover and pages. The quality of the images is OK, but you can see the pixels and markings from the printer, and some of the photos are blurry whether they are high-resolution or not.

PrestoPhoto offers more sizing options than any other photo book service we looked at. It has 16 different photo book sizes in portrait, square and landscape formats. Additionally, it provides nine cover options, including image wraps, dust jackets and die-cut covers. The editor even offers advanced options so you can control the design of the cover.

The online photo book editor provides a wide variety of tools to edit photos and design your custom photo book. You can use the templates or a design of your own. The editor places all of your photos automatically if you don't want to spend the time arranging photos, or you can take control of your design. However, the photo book editor is difficult to use and takes some getting used to. There is no step-by-step process to follow, and the editor doesn't show your pages sequentially.

PrestoPhoto offers several shipping methods, including overnight. However, it still takes five to 10 days to create your photo book, so even if you select overnight shipping, you will wait a week to receive your book. For support, the website offers email and live chat options, as well as a FAQs section to help with problems and solutions.

PrestoPhoto Summary:

PrestoPhoto falls short in print quality and usability. The print quality is low, whether you use high-resolution photos or not. The learning curve for the photo book editor is so steep that it becomes difficult to do simple tasks, like move a picture. While the photo book service has several shortcomings, it offers a wide selection of templates and allows you to take complete control over the design of your photo book.



PrestoPhoto offers a large selection of sizes and covers.

The online book editor is difficult to use.

The Verdict:

PrestoPhoto offers a quick way to make a decent photo book with its wide selection of sizes and covers, but it's not easy to use.