HP's Snapfish has steadily been climbing the ranks among the best photo book publishers. With a user-friendly interface and dozens of templates to choose from, the service is a great option if you want a themed or easy-to-create photo book. Snapfish excels at usability, but its ease of use does come at a small price: lack of flexibility.

Snapfish could not be easier to use. Its design process is extremely intuitive, guiding you step by step and allowing you to assemble a photo book easily and quickly. While the editor's simplicity may be frustrating if you want total creative control, it's appealing to people who are new to photo book creation and anyone seeking design guidance.

The other distinguishing aspect of Snapfish is its themed templates. The photo book publisher offers dozens of unique layouts, ranging from basic colored backgrounds to detailed, event-themed ones. We are impressed with how niche and specific many of the templates are, with far more options than most of the photo book services we reviewed. For instance, there are Japanese Garden and Campground themes.

While Snapfish's usability is commendable, the service does not offer much creative control or flexibility in terms of design. You cannot create your own layout from scratch; you have to select one of the templates. Additionally, you cannot change the page layouts of the templates, beyond adding photos and customizing text.

Snapfish offers several photo book sizes in landscape, portrait and square formats. The six different sizes are standard among photo book publishers, so it's likely Snapfish offers the size you want. The service has standard cover options as well, including linen and leather options in addition to hardbound and softbound. Any of the covers can be customized with one of your photos. We especially like the linen and leather covers. They have a luxurious look and feel and are similar to many professional photo books.

A few things to note include Snapfish's processing time and shipping options. The average processing time to print photo books is four to seven days, which is slightly longer than most other services on our lineup. Furthermore, Snapfish does not offer overnight delivery. However, it does have a two-day shipping option and will ship internationally.

Snapfish Summary:

Snapfish proves to be a good option when it comes to making photo books online, especially if you want to make a photo book with minimal effort. It doesn't offer much design flexibility, but with its breadth of templates and excellent usability, Snapfish is worth looking into if accessibility is important to you.



Snapfish is extremely easy to use, with step-by-step design guidance and intuitive navigation.

You cannot alter the layout of a page on any of the pre-designed templates.

The Verdict
: 8.85/10

Snapfish is ideal for people seeking an easy-to-use photo book publisher with prefabricated designs.