PrestoPhoto, formerly Viovio, is a photo book publisher that surpasses many of its competitors when it comes to book options and functionality. In fact, this photo book service offers more book options than any other publisher in our review does. Although it is highly versatile, the PrestoPhoto book editor is unfortunately cumbersome and difficult to navigate. If you are willing to spend the time and effort necessary to learn how to use it, though, PrestoPhoto delivers some valuable flexibility and a decent finished product.

PrestoPhoto provides a robust suite of tools you can use to edit photos and design your custom photo book. All of your photos are uploaded in a high resolution, and you can design your own layout or choose from among the dozens of templates PrestoPhoto provides. The service has a handful of sharing options that allow you to show your photo book to others once it is complete.

PrestoPhoto offers more than 15 sizing options to choose from, including many unique sizes. Whether you want a portrait, landscape or square book, PrestoPhoto likely offers the exact size you want. It also provides five cover options, ranging from dust jackets to faux leather. You can even bind certain formats with wire – an alternative that many other photo book publishers don’t offer. Wire binding is ideal for portfolios and any other presentation-type project.

We got a variety of photo book samples from PrestoPhoto. We first ordered an economy product and were not too impressed, but then we got a couple of samples that were much higher quality. Avoid the Saddle Stitched Booklet, Express Photo Silk Paper unless you are in need of a program or something else for temporary use. The cover and page materials are fine for the price but not too sturdy. The Imagewrap Softcover Photo Book, Premium Photo Paper samples we got were good quality, though. Just make sure you know what level of production quality you need for each specific project and you will get what you need from PrestoPhoto.

Our biggest complaint with PrestoPhoto is its usability. The online editor has a steep learning curve, with an interface that is cluttered and overwhelming. The whole editing process seems counterintuitive; there is no step-by-step process to follow, and the editor doesn't show your pages sequentially. PrestoPhoto is one of the more difficult sites to use of those we reviewed.

Presto Photo Summary:

PrestoPhoto may lack user friendliness, but there is no shortage of sizing and customization options. The best photo books are the ones that are uniquely yours and PrestoPhoto helps you create that. This service stands out as an online photo books source with versatile design options.

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Presto Photo

PrestoPhoto offers dozens of sizing options so you can be sure to get the dimensions you want.

The book editor has a steep learning curve, so be prepared to spend some time learning how to use it.

The Verdict
: 8.82/10

PrestoPhoto's diverse book options will outweigh the service's lackluster ease-of-use score for many users.